Rottweiler Welfare Association

Registered Charity 279 478-R (since 1981)
Tel: 01782 395558 or 07368336092

Email: [email protected]

Member of the ADCH and Dog Rescue Federation

Please note: Due to some technical issues our rehoming section isn’t looking quite the way it should, we’re currently in the process of building a new website – in the meantime please contact us with any enquiries about dogs for rehoming:

[email protected] / 07719606454 / 07368336092

We are a registered not-for-profit rescue charity, who find good homes for unwanted Rottweilers.

The aims of the Association are to:
-Rescue abandoned and neglected Rottweilers and help those who are unwanted.
-Provide all necessary care, treatment and rehabilitation.
-Assess these dogs for adoptability and find suitable homes for them.

It is our policy to consider each rehoming request that comes to us on its own merits regardless of age or circumstances as we rehome puppies to oldies, although the older dog is more difficult to rehome. Due to funds, available kennel spaces and the number of dogs looking for new homes it means we are normally full and are just not able to help every Rottie. Our dogs are cared for in kennels, but we try to foster puppies or young dogs.

Please note that we cannot rehome dogs that have been aggressive or have shown aggressive responses.  If you have a temperament or aggression problem and you would like our help with regards to training and/or managing the problem we are happy for you to telephone April our advisor on 07960 930864 or email [email protected] with a query which we will endeavour to answer. If you have serious concerns about your dog’s temperament we recommend you discuss this with your veterinary surgeon.

If we take in a dog for rehoming that displays aggression whilst in our care we will discuss the dog’s future with our behaviourist and vet.



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